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What is Grasping At Creativity all about?

What Is Grasping At Creativity All About?
Learning from history. Forging anew. Risking it all. Leaping from safety. Following inspiration. Flying free. Grasping at Creativity.
What is Grasping at Creativity?
Grasping at Creativity is an art and media project begun by me, Jon Decker, in 2009 as an archive to show the process and struggles of my maker projects, writing, and artwork. In the fall of 2017 I re-initialized the overall idea behind Grasping at Creativity with one focus in mind: to create a space for creative collaboration with artists and makers around the world in the hope that by creating new things together we could be a force for positivity, support, and encouragement to all the people of Earth. That, and it would be fun to make stuff together.
What is Grasping at Creativity all about?
Together I hope we’ll learn from history and build on the experiences that others have shared to cultivate kindness, creation, and collaboration that benefit the world.
Forging anew, we should strive to continuously reshape ourselves; take responsibility for our actions; learn from failures; don’t repeat mistakes; accept changes and build a new worldview. (Sometimes this hurts.)
It’s worth risking it all. Humiliation, failure, wasted time, wasted money, the unknown, death, a worthless contribution: all of these fears are possible, but we try anyway despite the risks.
We’re leaping from safety. Taking action creates momentum. Safety is short lived and leaping is never private or certain. There is always a risk; so let’s not just sit here waiting for a perfect opportunity.
Let’s follow inspiration. That moment of intense clarity, like a slap in the face, realizing the obvious or discovering a misconception; accept it and act on it even if it hurts or changes everything!
We’re flying free. We’ve jumped head first, reaching toward the future with its endless possibilities. Forget planning the landing, and live in the moment, come what may. Everything is changing. It’s exhilarating and terrifying, and there’s no going back.
It is valuable to try, even if the attempt ends without attaining a goal. The process itself is a contribution. Constantly hope, reach further: we are never finished. Creation is an ever-changing, evolving project. Join us as we keep Grasping at Creativity.


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