Wearing Headphones is My Fortress

Often in New York when walking the streets of our shiny city (cough , cough) I have found it surprisingly comforting to be wearing headphones. When wearing headphones you are not expected to respond to people asking for “spare change”, “donations for world peace”, or “directions to 23rd and 6th” – the corner upon which they stand. Sure, you may still get the cat calls and outstretched hands or the rude comments and even ruder gestures, but you can pretend not to notice and just walk by. I decided today to try it at home too… What do you know, it worked! I didn’t even have an mp3 player in my pocket. My roommate walked into the kitchen complaining about her life, like always, and Bam! It was like a magic trick. She just stopped talking mid sentence and life was oh, so sweet!

I don’t ignore everyone. Headphones just give me back my right to freedom of choice.

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2 Responses to Wearing Headphones is My Fortress

  1. J says:

    It’s so true about them being a fortress. It’s a wall I use daily. Not just when I want to be ignored, but to mute everyone around me. My in-ear headphones also completely drown out the mariachi bands on the train, making the subway a safer place for everyone.

    Remember that scene in Serenity when River hears the song in the bar and kills everyone? I’m kind of like that with those guys.

  2. JonDecker says:

    hrmmm… that I would pay to see — and film.

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