The Sign

While riding on the subway this morning a guy came through asking for money. He had both arms cut off at the elbow joint and was holding a sign stating that he intended on using the money to “get prosthetics.” I did give him my laundry money, being the only cash I had on hand that was liquid, but it got me thinking. He wasn’t badly dressed. He had a zippered backpack in which was having people tuck the cash. Is it wrong that my brain automatically fixated on the sign though? It was a screen printed white cardboard similar to those used by cheap cellphone providers. I just kept thinking, “how did you scan your card for the subway and hold the sign too?” I’m sure he had help getting to the subway to beg, but still… Anyhow, I caught myself accusatorily judging the man with no arms, so I gave him what he wanted.

My cynicism isn’t helping anyone.

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