The Mole People’s Invasion!!!

In Sallisaw, Ohlahoma the return of the long lost civilization of mole people has marked the end of civilization as we know it. No longer will the light of day restrain these ferocious beasts. It is up to those of us left (if you are reading this consider yourself lucky) to mount the last defense of surface-earth and reclaim our place on the planet!

Without warning past the subtle hints that something was afoot, the lumbering blind giant Gggragharrgh (as they seem to call themselves) punched through the earth, out into the sunny Sequoyah County air, and into the history books (if there’s anyone left to write them when this is over) causing short lived mass panic and chaos. Though authorities on the event are still speculating as to what method was used to break through from under-earth, the results are the same. Sequoyah County is a wasteland and no longer is man the dominant planet bound species on earth.

As I write this, I hear the distant booming and rumbling from the earth that heralds the onslaught of Gggragharrgh as they tunnel towards my location in an effort to silent the pen. They are close. I must leave now. Good luck, my faithful readers.

The preceding news report of unquestionable relevance.

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4 Responses to The Mole People’s Invasion!!!

  1. Ali says:

    Be safe, sir, and know that our hopes and prayers go with you!

    There have been reports that pockets of survivors are gathering near (INSERT RANDOM OKLAHOMA PLACE NAME HERE), living off of the scavenged remains of this once-bountiful area, and that urban centers across the entirety of the central plains region have been targeted for attack.

    Military analysts on the east coast are hard at work to synthesize some defense for these monstrous creatures, but failing to make progress, and rumors say that they have instead begun planning a large-scale evacuation of all installations. One authority has been quoted as saying, “Run, you suckers, run!”


  2. JonDecker says:

    I’m gonna name the movie that and sell it to Weinstien.

  3. Ali says:

    Oh ye holy gods, they’d buy it, too. Especially if you had a) no plot b) no stars, and c) no production values.

    Sounds like a plan, Stan.

  4. JonDecker says:

    As long as I get paid, who cares…

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