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A Logo or Four

I had a quick project that a couple of friends of mine and I got started earlier this week. We’re still in the planning and prep phase, but it’s basically an alternate reality world building exercise for the fun of … Continue reading

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Steampunk World’s Fair 2014

Last weekend was the Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscataway, New Jersey. I had a blast wandering around the booths and listening to the various panels or musicians. I had attended several years ago and spent the¬†weekend taking photos of the … Continue reading

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Free Range Imagination

If I had a nickle for every time someone told me they didn’t have an imagination, I’d be a billionaire. If I had another nickle for every time those same people turned around and did something rather imaginative the very … Continue reading

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Creating Worlds

Often associated with fantasy, science fiction, and alternate history writers the process of imagining or creating a fictional world is an extremely complex creative activity. There are several forms of world creation employed by writers to help develop story-lines. The … Continue reading

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