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DIY Dreaming: Folding Electric Light-Up Longboard

I just started browsing Instructables looking for a fun project and then I saw that everyone seemed to be creating DIY electric skateboards. So, Then I started daydream designing an electric skateboard like a little kid would. This is what … Continue reading

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Top 5 inexpensive flash modifiers

Introduction Here’s a list of┬ámy five favorite ways to save on traditional flash modifiers. Some of these modifiers are DIY, so be ready to use scissors and other crafting tools if necessary. I’ll try to list only the cheapest options … Continue reading

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A Little Inspiration: Thingiverse

I was just browsing through the nifty projects over at Instructables, as I am apt to do while chatting with my wife on the phone. The projects described range from potted plants to nuclear physics and everything in between. It’s … Continue reading

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