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DIY Dreaming: Folding Electric Light-Up Longboard

I just started browsing Instructables looking for a fun project and then I saw that everyone seemed to be creating DIY electric skateboards. So, Then I started daydream designing an electric skateboard like a little kid would. This is what … Continue reading

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GPS Tagging in Lightroom

For a while now, I’ve avoid using GPS tagging with my DSLR because the 5D Mark II doesn’t support GPS natively and the GPX workflow is often wonky or requires yet another third-party application. I use Lightroom for cataloging and tagging and wanted a … Continue reading

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Modding Week: CS-6 Update

The painting is almost complete. After I applied the primer black coat to the Nerf CS-6 I did a little simple form of ‘battle aging” using outlining and dry brushing with silver paint (sprayed the silver can into a plastic bin). I … Continue reading

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Magic Lantern Cropmarks

I use Magic Lantern Firmware on my Canon cameras. It’s not an absolute must-have for photography, but it does add some fun features that I enjoy using. One of those features is the custom cropmark overlays. Below is a link … Continue reading

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