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Are Mobile Apps Art Tools

For several weeks now, I’ve been using a few apps on my phone to create unique and interesting works of art. I say that, but then I began wondering if the pixel pushing I was doing on my mobile device could or would be considered art in the same way that traditional art was valued. The purely digital manifestation of my experimentation makes the proliferation of the artwork broader than many traditional artworks, but the audience size doesn’t really matter when evaluating something as art; at least I don’t think that’s how art gets measured.

The question then is, if what I make for the digital or social internet scene is art, then are the apps that I use considered art tools? I know from sculpting that tools are often created by the artist for very specific purposes in moving the clay.  I think, therefore, that the programs and apps created for moving and manipulating pixels of light are tools. If they are tools, then they are tools for the making of art? If they are tools for making art, then the renders produced are art. They might not be good art, but I think they are art.

Here’s a gallery of some of my recent art. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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