Steampunk Sconce Update

Way back when I first built the basement office, I put together five sconces with a distinct steampunk look.


I’ve wanted to build a shade into them for a while now as the bare bulb concept is cool in theory but hard to look at when at full power. Today, I decided to give something a try. I painted the bulbs at the halfway point. This way they still give off the right amount of light and project the shadow on the wall, per the original design concept.


It works. I wouldn’t recommend this procedure to anyone who isn’t used to smelling weird chemicals in their workshop, though. It’s going to take a bit to burn off the paint smell.


I’ve done this whole “painting a light-bulb” thing before. The smell does fade eventually. Also, I like the speckled look from where the paint didn’t cover the glass at 100% opacity. I’m going to leave it as is, for now.

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One Response to Steampunk Sconce Update

  1. Jon Decker says:

    I eventually scrapped these bulbs for a more efficient LED bulb solution. I still have these in storage and will eventually work up a place to hang them. For now, It’s a good memory.

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