Something’s Missing

So the papers are plastered with the news that the missing link has been found in Germany and that it indicates we’re just a part of the Lemur family. I have the sudden urge to dance to “I Like to Move It”, but that aside, I call foul on this one. If this was printed in the Onion it would be funny, but Nat Geo is touting it as truth, which still makes me laugh… I can’t think, sorry, I just want to “move it, move it” so I stay “physically fit.”

Gal Ya Lipstick
Pon Ya Face A Mek Man Mud Up
Woman Ya Nice Broad Face
And Ya Nice Hip Make Man
Flip And Bust Them Lip



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2 Responses to Something’s Missing

  1. Jean says:

    That is the ugliest creature I’ve seen all month… and now I have the Move it, Move it song in my head too. Can I request a kitten or a bunny?

  2. JonDecker says:

    Nope.. That’s your great great (infinity great) anscestor…

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