Something in the sky: What was it?

Today was swelteringly hot a muggy outside. I was stuck inside an office where they don’t have central air and by the end of the day I felt starved for oxygen even with the desk fan on high. Mid-day, the sky opened and the second world flood dropped on us mortals. In this, I was asked to go grab a New York Metro newspaper for someone at work, and I gladly rushed out into the storm to escape the incubator and stretch my legs.

Though it was pouring, the air was still thick and hot and the rain was warm on my face. As I was walking to the subway where the Metro paper is handed out, I saw a large object about the size of a car streak through the sky, north towards Central Park. I don’t know what is was but it looked like a fat missile, was grayish black in color, and had an afterburner like blue flame coming from the end. It was traveling so fast that the rain was creating a water vortex around and behind the air it was pushing. I think it may have been part of a crashing satellite or something as it looked like the rain was sizzling off the front. It passed so fast I may be mis-remembering the details, but it stands like a striking image in my mind. About ten seconds after it streaked by there was a sound like rippling thunder that trailed in its wake. I wouldn’t even have seen it except there had been lightning in the sky and I happened to already be looking up at the moment it passed.

There was nothing on the news. Oh well.

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2 Responses to Something in the sky: What was it?

  1. Jean says:

    I was outside for that, I think. Couldn’t see the object, but the air rippled, and I could feel it ionize. The street was mostly empty at that point, but those who were outside felt the air move strangely… and then all of their umbrellas blew inside out.

  2. JonDecker says:

    About where were you. Cross street? I’m trying to figure out if and where it may have landed.

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