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Dear adventuresome reader,
I just was granted a free Avast software update with surprise new features… it led to me write the following philosophical tome. Enjoy reading this missive:
I understand their motivation, as it aligns with my own in the short term, but private software companies are using this “Fake News” crackdown to implement default settings that will allow them to actively block you from viewing any “News” site they want. This is a long term strategy that is being implemented during a time of customer and client confusion regarding a company backed philosophy or opinion. I’m concerned.
This is what happens when generations of people don’t stay connected with the world and technology that is changing around them. We don’t have the training in perception, comprehension, and application it takes to even know what reality is when confronted by believable fiction. These media consumption skills should be taught worldwide. Learning comprehension by being psychologically rewarded for how well we can remember media content and in what order it was presented just leads to a world of certain literalists who want to control the establishment and verification of common knowledge.  I want to control the establishment and verification of common knowledge, and I know you do too. think about how easy that would make life for you. You could convince a majority of the humans on earth of whatever idea you wanted propagated, whether for your own benefit, or theirs. This isn’t a power one person or group should have.
Thoughts shape our actions, but our actions shape our thoughts too and no two people have taken the same actions in life. We are all different, with different perceptions, beliefs, and theories. I believe there is an absolute truth. I believe this for no other reason that it’s the very comfort we all seek and the very nightmare we all fear.
 We have forgotten to cultivate vigilance instead of talebearing, proactivity instead of passivity. We must learn to understand and love our neighbors by not treating them as strangers.
 So, software programmers make that decision for us now. Our ability to learn “News” comprehension, reasoning, and common sense was just automated out of fashion. We don’t have to love our neighbors, or learn to understand them. They don’t have to love us, or learn to understand us. We can just live in our own little world of dread and uncertainty. No one will ever notice.
Jon Decker
“confusion” is half-way between sanity and madness. So, 6 to one, half a dozen the other.
“sites” includes television, network, and radio broadcasts as many of them use these “sites” for sources of vetted news. What happens when the Post can’t access that crazy person’s blog “site” to explain how or why that crazy person was crazy?
“Philosophy” could be anything that the programmers of the app believe is “fake” news and you have to cross check the software functions to decide if they kept you from knowing important facts. Just because they stories are fiction doesn’t mean they should withhold access to the story. That’s kinda like burning books, right? We should just teach each other how to spot fiction and devalue gossip by not giving it an army of naive followers willing to spread the message in exchange for the hope of comfort, and self-worth. It’s ok. Jesus loves you.
“literalist”: one who adheres to the exact letter or the literal sense, as in translation or interpretation.
“talebearing”: one who tells tales, a gossip.
“neighbors”: 3. one’s fellow human beings.

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