Quick Tip #9: Pump It Up

Here is a simple quick tip for helping extend or bolster your everyday creativity.

Despite my best creative efforts, exercise is still one of the top ways to encourage creativity. Physical activity exercises the mind’s adaptability and increases hand-eye coordination; it also improves your mood. One of the quickest ways to exercise both your body and your creativity is through participating in a regularly changing obstacle course. The physical activity strengthens your muscles and the varying landscape or “obstacles” help expand your brain’s ability to solve puzzles quickly and efficiently, as well as boosting your creativity. A common trial method for exercising your creativity is switching your dominant side for a day. Try tossing and catching a tennis ball with your non-dominant hand for a while. Exercising your body and mind in this way will increase neural pathways used for adaptability and creativity. Go try it.

Yes, it feels odd, but stick with it until you can catch the ball or run the course efficiently, then switch activities. Keep your mind and your body on it’s “toes” and you’ll find yourself more ready to make quick decisions or come up with new ways to do things.

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