Quick Tip #7: Cacophony

Here is a simple quick tip for helping extend or bolster your everyday creativity.

Do you work well in a noisy environment? Some people do, but others prefer the quietest location possible. The best acoustical environment to encourage your creativity is one in which you feel the most comfortable. The key may not be the sound level, but rather virtual solitude. Creating something new or unusual is difficult within a cacophony of multiple auditory inputs, so try to single them out or eliminate the various inputs to be more selectively focused on your current challenge. If you need utter silence, step away from the crowd for a bit (or shut the door). If you need rhythm, try listening to music on headphones to eliminate other external noise sources. I suggest not using your television as a source of noise as the variance in types of sound it produces may add to the confusion currently interrupting your creative flow.

Oh, and listening to an audiobook while writing something of your own is neigh unto impossible (pause before proofing).

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