Quick Tip #5: Sleep It Off

Stressed at work, needing a creative boost? Try this quick tip to bolster your creativity.

You’ve probably heard it before, but the average adult needs about eight hours of sleep at night. The U.S. Army once told my dad that the average soldier needed only 6 hours of sleep a night, a fallacy he tried to enforce in my youth. I prefer to sleep 7 – 10 hours if possible. The body needs this time to “recharge” during the sleep cycle (details of which are too long to relate here) but the point remains constant – sleep or else. Without enough sleep your reaction time, memory retention, and hand-eye coordination are the first to go. Worse still, maintaining a schedule that deprives you of sleep will eventually lead to a lowered immune system and depression.

How does this knowledge help with your creativity? Well, depression certainly doesn’t help, but I suppose if you’re not getting enough sleep, you wont remember why you’re depressed, so here’s a hint – go take a nap.

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