Quick Tip #2: The Void

Set aside, or schedule, a “quiet time” during your week to get away from it all (the connectivity, advertisement, music, etc. that normally fills your day) and meditate on a specific subject. Try to do this in the quietest surroundings possible but do not focus on your surroundings specifically. My preferred location is anywhere that I can hear my own ears ringing. Make certain you do not fall asleep during this time. Shut your eyes and let your mind wander if you like, or choose to focus on the problem that is demanding your creativity. Getting away from the chaos of the day and meditating, even for a short period of time (10 – 15min), will help calm your mind and produce more logical responses to problems or demanding projects. Keep a notepad or voice recorder handy and, after the specified time, write/record any ideas or solutions that entered your mind. A great place to do this is in a parked car away from the street with some means of blocking the light. Doing this regularly will make it easier to do, just like every practiced skill. Don’t worry if you get nothing from your meditation right away. It takes practice to truly be able to shift your thoughts from one processing center of your brain to the other, but is possible.

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