Quick Tip #1: Mix It Up!

One of the fastest ways to develop your own creativity is to work on a variety of different projects across different creative fields. You never know when or how a solution from one project will impact your thinking on another, or lead to a wildly creative breakthrough in a diametrically opposite field of study. If you don’t want to start a new project or hobby, consider taking a weekend trip. Go somewhere out of your comfort zone where no one is judging you and try something new, be it ice skating, rock climbing, swimming, people watching, or whatever gets your brain working in a direction you don’t normally go.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple change of scenery to start the brain working on a new concept.  Have fun – this exercise should make you happy. Oh, and passive media doesn’t count as a new activity, so get off the couch and out the house before I have to come over there and…. (channeled inner mother voice).

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2 Responses to Quick Tip #1: Mix It Up!

  1. Zpetne Odkazy says:

    good post dude

  2. Sarah lyn says:

    This is excellent. I come here all the time and it’s post like this that are the reason. 🙂 Keep up the great writing.

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