Quick Tip #14: Friends are Friends Forever

Another quick tip: Don’t forget to post quick tips in their scheduled time slots.

The month of August has had me off the internet for longer than expected. I’ve been on the road around the states and in the process of moving for the entire month. That said, the best creative advice I have for today is “make good friends.” I can’t emphasize enough how awesome good solid, help-you-move-during-a-hurricane friends are.

Often really good friends are actually interested in your projects, have things in common with you, and want to talk in depth about all aspects of life. All these traits are good for boosting your own creative output as well as raising your overall mood.

Be the kind of friend you want to make, and you’ll find that when the time comes there will be people who step up to the plate to help out.

Oh, and good solid friends often have really cool ideas so join up and make something together.

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