Projects, Politics, and Plastipaste 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am amassing a catalog with several pieces that I will be putting upon the site. Don’t misunderstand, I will not be selling old shoes and scuffed up electronic equipment. I have, instead, several custom fabricated pieces ranging from art to Halloween props that I’m going to put up on a page here labeled “Products”. You can view that page now, but there are no pieces as of the time of this posting.

In line with these projects I do have a question for anyone who may know the answer and care to share. If anyone knows or can link me to a site that has information on how body mod horn implants are done and what the sizes are for the insert/screw-on pieces, please post it. I know it’s a random question, but one of the Halloween props I’ll be stocking are custom fab horns, and I’d like to make them available for horn implantees as well. For the rest of you, they have invisible thread-like bands to hold them to your head without glue or obvious attachment prosthetic. If done right they can stand up to pretty close-up scrutiny without showing the attachment, thus rendering them as “realistic” without a long arduous application process. I wore a similar set of my own making last Halloween, but I have a better attachment method now.

Speaking of web based business (were we?) I have a huge business project in the works right now of which I can give no information, but let me tell you its going to be huge. This project is so huge, it has the potential to change the face of the world for many generations to come… Literally, that’s not an exaggeration! Hopefully, by the time we launch small businesses won’t be so hard hit by the big O’s tax plan; flibbbittlilifit!

On to the last order of business. I love Plastipaste2! Well, not a literal love, but I like its properties quite a bit more than Plastipaste1. For those of you unaware of this substance, Plastipaste1 was used primarily for making mother molds in the process of molding for casting. Plastipaste2, however, uses some better chem mix that allows me to use less of it to create the same strength mothermold. It also dries dry. Plastipase1 used to have a weird oily feeling when dry. Plastipaste2 is sandable, moldable, toolable, which means I can use it for some of the larger projects I have here at the apartment, while still being relatively light weight. It’s also paintable, so I may use it in a project I have in mind regarding a tree; don’t ask… Oh, and it doesn’t stink nearly as bad when preparing it either. That’s a big plus for me as I have a very limited space to work with here in Manhattan. My room that I live/sleep/watch movies/read (rrriiightt…)/play piano/play guitar/draw/edit video/photoshop/work out/play video games/work/sculpt/paint/saw/sand/weld/record audio/good golly I do a lot a crap/etc. in and do most projects in is only 10’x12′ and has a bed, computer desk/chair, tv, 7.1surround, bookshelf, closet (within the measurements and therefore taking up space), supplies, etc. besides the work table. All in all, it has worked so far.

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2 Responses to Projects, Politics, and Plastipaste 2

  1. Jean says:

    You need a basement in a bad way.

  2. Ali says:

    Basement, nothing–Jon, you need a *lab*.

    (preferably one with a hidden door and something distilling through a maze of tubes. And also something blue. That’s important.)

    Am intrigued by the horns. We should have marketing prepared for Con.

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