Photography: Cropping or Framing

With the advent of Facebook and the popularity sharing albums full of random photos with one’s friends several trends have arisen. First the concept of what makes an interesting photo has been totally replaced by tag worthy-ness. More importantly, however, is the recently renewed interest in creating photos that are truly visually appealing and not simply “tag worthy”. Along that line a friend of mine, Sean, was asking me about how to properly shoot, frame, or crop a photo. I was attempting to verbally explain photo framing rules, such as the rule of thirds, and was struck by the fact that many people ask me for this information. Perhaps it was time to write up a quick and dirty post on how to add some visual finesse to your Facebook photo’s. I was going to write out a short variation of the rule of thirds here, but found a great example already written. Here is that link. Rule of Thirds

I also came across a really well laid out series of articles by the writers at, and instead of stealing their thunder I give you the link to follow at your leisure. Basic Photography If you want, I suggest starting with the “Composition” section as most likely you’ll be used to using your camera by now.

Keep in mind that sometimes just taking the shot without overthinking it is fine if you intend on framing it up through cropping later. I do this all the time, and if Facebook is your primary display, then there will be no quality loss noticeable as Facebook is pretty lo-res.

Speaking of cropping, windows vista’s generic picture viewer has a crop feature built into it and the resizer is always available as well. For those of you on Xp or some generic mac computer, most basic photoediting software has cropping or resizing built in. Check the disks that came with your camera as they usually have a basic photo editing software included.

One suggestion I have is that at no point should you dutch your camera angle unless you don’t care, have no intention of ever using it for anything else, or know the rules and are intentionally breaking them. Dutched photo framing is one of my biggest pet peaves… Becky.

Granted my facebook page is full of badly taken shots, but… they’re, like, totally taggable, dude!

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2 Responses to Photography: Cropping or Framing

  1. Jean says:

    I think the first step to improve my photography is for me to remember when I have my camera with me.

  2. Ali says:

    The real upswing for me came when I began leaving my camera in my bag and later stealing the shots that Jon took.

    I’m a big fan of efficiency that way.

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