Movie in the Street: Was this AVP3?

I think 20th Century Fox must have been shooting a movie in Harlem over the weekend. When I was walking to the UPS store I saw a black SUV drive by at full speed. It’s windows were all smashed in and the right rear tire was shooting sparks where it was rubbing the bent frame. Three helicopters were flying low overhead and seemed to be chasing the SUV. I stopped to watch, because even though it’s NYC this stuff doesn’t really happen every day. As the SUV passed by I saw two guys in costume running along the adjacent buildings like they were chasing the SUV too. The guy in front was dressed like the Predator from the movie “Predator” and the guys in the back were dressed like the aliens from “Aliens”. There was one in a weird thicker Alien costume with long arms, a bit reminiscent of the Kenner toy Gorilla. I couldn’t get my camera out of my bag fast enough to get any good shots and since I was so pumped to see the action I forgot to adjust the settings so all my pictures were blown out (I had the camera adjusted for a low light situation earlier…). The helicopter in the back was firing fake chain gun rounds at the Alien guys and I saw a couple green squibs go off indicating the “kill”. Then some guy in military uniform (go Marines!) jumped out of the second helicopter rappelling down a rope and landing on the roof with the guy in the predator costume. I couldn’t see the action, but the helicopter with the round camera thing underneath (it looked like the one on the BBC’s series “Planet Earth”) kept swooping around the roof until a giant ball of flame, like a gasoline bomb, exploded into the air in a mushroom cloud. The helicopter landed on the roof out of my site. I waited around for a bit but had to get to the UPS store before it closed. The guy at the UPS counter said he didn’t know if they were shooting a film, but that there had been a lot of big white trucks up around that area all day. If this was what I think it was, I can’t wait to see the movie. AVP3?! Sweet as!

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