Modding Weekend: CS-6 Longshot

Saturday night I started modifying one of the Nerf CS-6 Longshots from my arsenal. Speaking of arsenal, these are going to look sweet when everything matches the previously modded Centurions on the right.


The mod I had in mind was to take the one-shot pump action gun from the front and integrate it directly under the barrel, where the tripod legs are.


I’ve seen this done before, but never seen one done that was super clean and looked intentional. Since I’m doing this for the prop and not a Nerf war, I don’t have special rules to stick to in this mod, nor do I care if the gun is super powered.

Fist step was to split the extension gun barrels length-wise. I opened up the bottom half as more cutting would be required.


I wanted to keep the top barrel as an extension, so I kept the locking mechanism in tact for later.


I used a hot-knife to cut the tripod section off the rifle. This was probably not wise, as I discovered the load mechanism had a little spring attached to an arm just millimeters from where I had cut through. Oh, well, no harm done.


Next, I sized the shotgun to match the rifle with a little room for the trigger and load mechanisms to still function.


I cut the shotgun down to size and fitted the trigger mechanism with an eyelet. If I can fish a line through the body of the rifle later, I can probably figure out how to integrate a double trigger later. For now, I focused on the shotgun integration.

Before gluing the shotgun to the rifle, I patched some of the missing body parts. I made sure to keep the split down the middle of the rifle body. That way, after everything’s done, I can still take the gun apart to fit the double trigger or clean it.


I glued the shotgun into place next. I made sure to leave enough space for the trigger mechanisms and such. I’m not 100% certain that it will come apart, but if it doesn’t I think I can cut the glue blobs and still get to the inner mechanisms.


I used EVA foam (the stuff your work-out floor is made of) to patch some of the body inconsistencies. I also used a bit from the foam edging to make nifty looking bottom panels for the extension barrel. It doesn’t do anything except hide  the missing a lower half. I’ll add some scarring effects during the painting to make it look super.


Part of my mod is making it not look like a Nerf gun. That includes shaving off all the warning labels, Nerf insignia, and instructional diagrams. This requires a bit of sanding, but the painted gun will be intentionally aged. Any scratches that show through the paint will work with the battle theme.


I made certain it still fired rounds before I painting it. I also pulled the handles off to make painting easier. If you squeeze a handle hard it releases the clips on the inside and just pops off the metal rod.


This is just the first primer coat. It’s still wet in the photos. It will be matte grey. I’ll post again another day to show the paint process and scheme as I do it.


I’m going cyber-punk on it. I’m painting pairs of guns with one faction colored grey and the other faction colored blue. It’s intentionally vague so that all the props will be interchangeable for different photo shoots, cosplay, or videos. Even steampunk would fare well with these, assuming the character wasn’t 100% brown and brass themed. Come on, steampunk is what the world would look like if steam power existed as the primary energy source in the future, right? 😆  I lost that ideological battle years ago. The gallery below has all the images for those who are intrigued.

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