Modding Week: Arsenal update

I’ve got so many paint mods hanging to dry now that I don’t know where to start with this update. In an effort to maximize these past few nights, I’ve gotten almost the entire rifle and handgun arsenal painted. Everything except the Vulcans is at least sanded and blacked out. I’m doing all the detailing on the blue faction guns first so I don’t get gray over-spray on the finished blue detailing. The themes are very similar, but the hint of blue is more distinct when I shoot it with a strobe. I’ve included a couple of images of the finished props for a reference on the themes. Only one rifle, The Grey Centurion, is actually fully themed for the grey faction so far. I also left the Maverick’s with a bit more ambiguous coloring so they can be used as more of an interchangeable handgun between factions. I’m getting really excited about the Vulcan’s possibilities. I want to try making a mini-gun out of one of them.

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