Modding Week: All but the Vulcans

Here it is, ladies. The finished products of my misery last week. I had a couple of problems when a can of black paint didn’t adhere to the plastic in certain places. It caused some cracking of the paint later when the clear coat was applied.  I sanded some of it down and touched up the paint. It just added time to the process over the weekend. I have a ridiculous Nerf arsenal now and am starting some rough sketches for the sci-fi armor too. There’s a photo/film story being developed here. I’m basing the concept on the following: if the civil war in the US never ended and FPS respawn tech was now a reality, how would soldiers react over time? It’s a story I could see the old Outer-Limits show using for one of their famous one room scenes. It’s all a bit vague now, but I’m enjoying the prop making part. Anyhow, here’s the gallery of the arsenal. I’ll start putting up cooler photos soon. This is all just the build process.

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