How to clean up dried latex paint spots

I found myself needing to clean up dried latex paint from my laquered hardwood floor without scraping or damaging the floor. If you ever need to do so too, here’s what you’ll need on hand.

1. Safety first: full hazmat gear; or a filter mask, goggles, and thick rubber gloves.
2. Dish sponge, thick rag, and determination.
3. Amonia ~ yup, this underused biological slag is perfect for dissolving the latex in the paint.

Wear your safety gear! Amonia can cause all sorts of breathing issues and the fumes will burn your eyes. Pour the amonia on the spot (assuming you’re on hardwood) and use the sponge to make certain the paint is fully soaked. Next, the hard part, let it sit for a couple minuutes. How do you know when to procede? We’ll, if the paint doesn’t wipe right up with some rubbing (use your rag), then it’s not ready and you should try again.

For final cleanup rinse your rag in warm soapy water and mop the floor (or wet swiffer) to remove all particulate matter.

That’s it.

Other cleaning products may work as well, but most of them use amonia as a base. Beware the alcohol based products as they may damage your floor if the concentration is high. Avoid all petrol based solvents, and don’t use gasoline (that was my dad’s favorite cleaner).

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