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Explaining the Effects in the Welcome Video on YouTube

Several days ago I posted a welcome video on the Grasping @ Creativity YouTube channel and one of the viewers asked for an explanation on how the “effect” was done for the final edit. This new video above is a breakdown of the project and the sequence. This isn’t really a how-to video, but it might be just enough to get you going on a similar project.

I reference the CGA LUT pack a lot in here. It’s a free Lumetri Color correction pack that I released earlier. Watch the “Free 80’s PC LUTs” video to get the password for the Zip file: 

At the end of the explanation video up top, I also do a quick demo of the other Lumetri Looks that are included in the CGA LUT pack. I highly recommend watching the video on high-resolution too. I don’t use any callouts to point out where the mouse is or what the exact settings are. Anyone who’s used video tutorials knows that most of them are set-up with a “How I do” not a “How all do” suggestion format. This is the same. Don’t go out and try to replicate this welcome video exactly. That’s not the point of a video like this. This is just an explanation of the steps taken to create my video.

Take inspiration from it and go try creating something of your own. That said, if you do like the LUT pack, then post a link to how you used it (graphically or video) in the comments of that video. I’d really like to see the LUT pack go to some use.

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