Dragging Behind a Car: Low budget film making?

There’s no way this really happened… If anyone knows of a sci-fi movie or show being shot it the greater Manhattan area let me know. I saw some stuff on the street last night that had movie special effects written all over it. I was trying to figure out where the cameras were because I’m sure this was some sort of gorilla style film making or something. I was walking up the hill from my subway stop and as I passed a whole group of people hanging out on the street corner there was a big commotion from the street on my right. I looked up there just in time to see a car come sliding around the corner and head up the street the wrong way. It looked like it was dragging something behind it and a grayish green smoke came off the ground as it drove away. These crazy people had some sort of special effect creature thing tied to the car and were dragging it around. I couldn’t really see the string so at first glance it looked like the animal was chasing the car but it was going too fast. Everyone else around me was making a big deal of it and freaking out, but I’m pretty sure it was a low budget movie or something. Anyone know? No one in my neighborhood has a clue.

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