DIY Dreaming: Folding Electric Light-Up Longboard

I just started browsing Instructables looking for a fun project and then I saw that everyone seemed to be creating DIY electric skateboards. So, Then I started daydream designing an electric skateboard like a little kid would. This is what I’ve come up with so far to make.
First off, I want to make a custom shape longboard for this project. Here’s how to do that:
Then I thought it might be cool to sling it low to the ground like this:
The only reason I would do that is to lower the center of gravity if that helps with high speed stability and still allows for tight cornering.
The next thought I had was that I should put lights on it, for cool looking awesomeness and night riding: and
This then got me into the swing of things thinking about how to best tote this around NYC. So, I started thinking not just about riding it, but also about carrying it around and storing it, which led me to: and respectively.
That then became an ongoing story in my head about how I would use thing every day and look awesome doing it and kinda be like a superhero. All that daydreaming led me look at some broader ideas that could be cool to add to the board like: and – the latter of which could be good for putting icon branding for G@C or JDP on – or spikes.
So the spike idea sparked the search for more extreme but small attachments for cyberpunking the board a bit more. Here’s what I’m thinking might be possible: followed by and maybe
All these ideas got me thinking about the old movie Hackers and how the computer screens in that film looked like a projector on the actors faces. I know there are tiny projectors out there that could be mounted to the front and rear of this board and maybe even lensed to create a 360 projection around the board. That I’ll have to look into, to see if it’s possible to stitch two projector images together like that. If not, then just focus each projector on the ground using the same angle and project custom animations on the ground while you ride.
This might not be possible, but these projectors are really, really small; so I don’t see why not:
Anyhow, the idea of projecting an image on the ground by the board made me think I should just ad a mount at the front and rear of the board, or along the sides where the hinge would be, to mount projectors or cameras or whatever other cool accessory could be bolted in place without limiting the board’s functions or manuverability. Here are a couple options for accessories to be explored: or – though with the laser projector I’d want to shrink the whole thing down quite a bit.
To make it more punk and less cyberpunk, I could always forgo the projector and the fog machine and put a couple flint rollers underneath the back so they spew sparks when you do a wheelie on the rear axle: though I’m not 100% sure there’s a flint spark thing durable enough for this. Maybe there is:
Not sure how cool that would be, but hey! It’s my kid brain thinking this up.
Back to the cool stuff. These would be neat features to add to the experience: — Using vacuum bending for the custom wood shapes — an iphone mount. Use this offset idea for making other phone mounts. Make em strong and durable though… ’cause, phone.
Adding carbon fiber to the custom board without making the whole thing out of carbon:
I mean, I’m pretty sure there’s an even more durable and removable way to do this too:
..or how to put on custom grip tape: Though I think I’d cut patterns out of different colors to make it look cooler.
I could always scrap the longboard and all the trimmings for something small like this, though:
But really, I want to make the most pimped out, folding, electric, light-up, custom, cyberpunk longboard ever! So, with that in mind; here are more things to try adding into the idea: — only, I think it needs a switch and a way to embed the laser, like an LED, into the sides, front, or back of the board. Underslung would be easiest, but actually embedding them in the edge might be cooler.
Not that I need a focuser, but this idea is very steampunk looking:
Or maybe I could make this attachment for it:
Or… you know I totally went off on a rabbit trail hunting down neat stuff and forgot to finish this note to myself. Now that I’ve come back to it I realize how absolutely ridiculous and mind boggling this all looks. Whatever, man. I think it’s awesome.

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