Cosplay: N7 Armor Project – Day #2

I finally got the pattern printed out and sized in a way that feels about right on paper. This is all a bit trial and error, but I think that this should work. I cut out all the patterns and traced them on the EVA squares. This process took a bit of time, something like 12 hours. It probably shouldn’t have taken that long, but I have a tendency to get distracted. Anyhow, the foam is now ready for cutting with a hot knife.


I’ll post an update on the project when the hot knife part is finished. I also picked up a gallon of school glue. I saw a guy online making prop guns out of EVA foam and he used school glue to fill in cracks and uneven parts. I fear I’ll have many uneven parts on this first set. I intend on creating three sets of armor and a couple extra chest plates. I’ll have a couple extra pauldrons and such so I can battle scar or theme paint certain pieces without having to rebuild the set. It’s a modular pattern, so I’m hoping this is possible.

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