Cosplay: N7 Armor Project – Day 1

People cosplaying Mass Effect characters has been really popular at conventions lately. I’ve played the games and am a huge fan of that universe, but only recently did I get past the perfectionist in my head enough to try using cheaper materials like EVA foam instead of wishing I could use carbon fiber, like the real thing. I’ve wanted to put together some blue, N7-style armor to use for a photo shoot with the Nerf arsenal. I found a blog online that had rough patterns for the EVA foam version of the N7 armor. I have the EVA foam, the straps, the buckles, and the tools. I printed the patterns out earlier and taped them together. They look a bit big for me, but I’ll follow the pattern for the first copy to make sure I do it right. I’ll size them as I go. I’ll make sure to post my process here as I go. For now, I’ve linked below to a zip containing all the PDF printouts of the patterns that I am using. Keep in mind the scale is a little big. I recommend printing at a percentage of the scale. I tried 100% but it’s made for giants. I’m going to try 70% now. The gauntlet is a good starting point.

The blog I got the idea from is:

[download id=”8″]

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