Cosplay: N7 Armor – Day #4

IMG_20140620_140250The armor will not ready for PortCon this weekend and I had to take a break from it to finish some photo matting this week. I now have the shin guards assembled, though. This isn’t going quickly by any stretch of the imagination, but I will finish it. The process for each piece now requires custom fitting and bending to test for movement. The original design is from the Mass Effect 2 video game which, despite the cool look, does not take into account the joint movement of a real person. In the game the polygon mesh bends to accommodate the player movement, by the armor in real life couldn’t warp and bend like that. After all, this isn’t made of thin rubber, thankfully. The next step of the process after using the heat gun to seal the EVA foam cells and bending it to shape for cooling, is to glue the random detail pieces together and spray it with plastidip paint to smooth out some of the rougher seams. For some of the pieces I’ll be sanding down the seems and painting them with school glue to act as a crack filler before applying the plastidip coat. After the plastidip dries, I can start determining the painting and patterns I want to use. I’m making this set black and aging it to look battle worn. I’ll be doing the detailing in silver or blue to match the Nerf mode done earlier this year. If done right, I can shoot the photos lit like scenes from Aliens and accentuate some of the contrasts to make it look cyberpunk and gritty, as intended in the original concept phase. I’ll do some test shots after the breast plates are finished. I think I’m going to forgo any duplication of this armor design as its far too detailed for what I actually need. I’ll have more on how that affects future pieces later.

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