ConnetiCon Craziness and Camera Control

Jon Decker PhotographyOver the weekend I drove down to Connecticut with my friend, Matt, and crashed ConnetiCon. I ran around all day capturing images and working myself to dehydration. I just now got a chance to start perusing the images to make selects. I took over 2000 images in two days, but I rushed around too much and the light was poor. I’m freaking out now because the images are mostly soft. I need to do some tests, but I fear the focus selection points failed or something. I used three different lenses on the same body – manual focus, auto focus, IS, etc… still 1 out of 5 images is soft. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but I only shot 1 or two images of each cosplayer as I was running around. I’m going to have to write a note that explains the tech problem somehow. i like the posing and composition of the images, but the soft focus on the eyes leaves things looking less than lively, which I hate. I’ll do some camera body tests during the image processing tonight to make sure it was just haste and not real hardware failure.

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