Building a Basement Studio/Office

For the past few months, whenever I was home and not ill (had the flu one week), I’ve been pouring time into creating a finished office space in my townhouse basement. As I’ve assembled the elements to expand my photography professionally I’ve wanted a space to consider my office and start taking the work from home idea seriously. Granted, my “day job” has me on the road and out of town almost every week, but on rare occasions I have time to process images and such at home

The basement space was unused, and I had already built a workshop space into the back corner; so I needed to split the basement into equal parts for office and workshop. The following images show the progress to where it is thus far. Today, I put up a few more framing strips for insulating the stairwell and closet, but those images will have to be added later. I intend on putting in the drywall this weekend. Hopefully, if I stick with it, I’ll have the whole thing done by next weekend.

The office will have sconces on each wall for mood lighting (I’m making LED bulb based Steampunk themed sconces when this is done), electrical outlets at least every seven feet,¬† CAT6 and Cable wall outlets, an under-stair storage closet with coat rack, and a full 38″ width door to access the workshop area. I also wired the office space for integrated 7.1 surround sound to future proof the audio space. The interesting part here is that the room I just put together is more “up-to-code” than any other space in the house. I’m going to seal the flooring with a few coats of sealant, but I think I’ll just use area rugs instead of spending on the flooring right now. I got a couple big grey area rugs at Lowes for $30 each. Eventually I’ll be building a desk and bringing in a coffee table and futon for the space too.

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