Sorry for the absence from posting but I had other projects pending. Here is Billy. He’s in dire straits, but such is life… or death… whatever.

This piece is titled “Life in Death”.

The sculpture was done in oil based clay and this is a resin cast of that. He’s not perfect, but it was a complicated casting and I’m satisfied with the output. Perfect for the upcoming holidays. The piece is also waterproof, Jean, so you could technically submerge it in a coy pond to scare the kiddies. He’s also one of the first pieces in my “War Between Plants and Machines” color theme. I’ll have a desktop wallpaper featuring him up soon.

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Jon is on a Grand Adventure... life.
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5 Responses to Billy

  1. missywilky says:

    the things in your brain.

    which reminds me! i saw a preview the other day before inglorious bastards (awesome, btw), that made me immediately think of you. i thought it looked like something you personally had a hand in. it’s called Avatar.

  2. Jean says:

    I cannot believe how well he turned out, especially considering how difficult the casting was. This looks absolutely amazing. So creepy, and I know you’re glad to finally have him finished. Congrats. =)

  3. Ali says:

    Ahh. . . so you *were* just giving me a hard time on FB.

    This piece is really detailed, Decker–congrats!

  4. Jean says:

    Mel – we’ve already seen the trailer, and it’s on the must-watch list. It looks stunning.

  5. JonDecker says:

    I didn’t have a hand in Avatar but someone I greatly respect, Jordu Schell, did. I think it looks like a “theater worthy” film for sure.

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