Alien Skull – Step #6 Cont. – Clay Foundation

I was at it again last night. This is getting to be a very heavy project already and it’s not even halfway completed. First step last night was to add a tube down the center of the cavity.

Again, I’m flying blind on this and really don’t know if it’s going to work out exactly as I have planned. We’ll see. I then continued to add clay to the sparse armature. I’m certain there are way to do this that I’m missing, but I don’t have a really good idea as to how thin the skeleton aspects of the design will be so I can’t bulk them up with non-clay stuffs too much as that limits the tweaking I intend for later in the sculpting process.

Basically this is the fat older brother of the slimmed down, cut, final version. I put a guide wire arch in place temporarily for something to aim at. Also, I determined that I’m going to cast the center spine as separate pieces for later assembly.

I’ll just have to create some foolproof method of matching up the pieces later. I’m thinking pegs may do well here. I bulked up some of the “ribs” on one side to see what shape it could take over time.

I do intend on fusing the individual “ribs” in sections for a more plated bone look (see original sketch). This is using an astronomical amount of clay compared to anything I’ve ever made before. I’m not doing anything this large again for quite some time after this, I think.

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