Alien Skull – Step #4 Cont. – Armature

Though I have no pictures this time around, I starting cutting out some cardboard frames for the internal “brain ridge” and the cranium cap area last night.
For reference on why see: Armature Building.

I would have gotten more done but due to lack of sleep was seeing things (imaginary spiders, it was weird). Don’t worry, Jean, I’m not crazy, yet… Anyhow, I went to bed at 10p instead of the usual 1:30a (definitely not 3a like the day before). After all, I do have be up for work at 7a. Thursday through Sunday I’ll be taking a break from the project (time/location/fiance variables), but might get some smaller things done instead.

BBQ tonight, mmmm!

Oh, and Happy Earth Day, you hippies!

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