Alien Skull – Step #3 – Design

After much deliberation I’ve worked out what I roughly want the Alien skull to look like. As you can see from the sketch I plan on putting an infrastructure in place to show off the inner mouth function. I’ve set it up to explain the movement in comparison to our elbow joint structures. Also, I kept the spinal structure appearance from the Predator II skull in the lower back half. I may create this spinal structure a bit wide to show placement for the tube-like structures on the sides of the Alien’s head. Also, I’m putting in cavities strategically to show tubular connection points; though, I decided the tubes should not be part of the skeletal structure. The swept back skull appearance is a slight variation from the original design which had a clear dome and a human-like skull beneath it. By changing the angle of the cranium I can make the design look more aggressive and less “blind man with wrap-around sunglasses”. The angle of the jaw will likely change in the sculpt, but I think this is what I’ll shoot for.

Many of these parts, including the back spine and inner-mouth framework with be sculpted and cast separately to be assembled after casting. The skull will have an inner ridge separating the brain cavity sections; speaking of which, the brain cavity is open on top, beneath the dome. In many of the books the dome is removed showing brain tissue directly beneath it, so this is my concession to that idea.

I do intend on making a full dome even though the picture only shows a cross-section of it. I’m thinking the dome is not bone but more like a tusk (or nail) extending from the upper lip to cover the whole head and curl, like a nail, beyond the cranial ridge, thus protecting the back of the head.

Anyhow, this is the design for now and I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Next up: Armature.

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