Alien Skull – Step #2 – Research

In college I used to doodle variations these creatures all over my notes and some of those doodles I’ve kept, but in an effort to bring something new to the table I’ve decided to begin by researching the designs that are considered “the originals”. First off, is the alien from the first movie.

This skull would be the simplest design due to the basic exterior presented and the idea that this represents more of an exoskeleton, like a beetle. Being a fan of the comic books (my initial exposure to the Aliens universe was reading the first Batman vs. Aliens book), I would love to expand upon the original design a bit in order to create a more interesting “skeletal” skull. In Predator II there was such a skull displayed.

This design was based on the alien warriors’ head depicted in the movie “Aliens”. Their head did not have the same shell, or dome, as the first movie design. Although it has the detailed skeletal look I’m going for, it doesn’t use the dome which I feel is a bit more iconic. I had considered doing an Alien Queen skull (1/1), but it would be much longer than my work table; and as I only have a limited space to work with, I thought it best to start “small”. The queen can happen later (I really badly want to do one as it seems no one has).

I’ll start sketching the basic substructure of the alien skull based on human skeletal structures and then expand that into a more exotic look. Theoretically, I want to make one with a semi-translucent dome and semi-translucent teeth, but details like that will emerge as the project gets underway.


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