Alien Skull – On Hold

It’s been a couple days since my last update on this project and here’s why…

As always, I took the weekend to go hang out with my wonderful fiancé, Jean, in Brooklyn. While there, and in conjunction with eating pizza, I suddenly realized that I had been going about the project all wrong. I have an idea in my head (which is where I hold most of my ideas) about the shaping and details of the skull, but I am having issues creating the armature in a way that defines the sculpture outcome properly. Due to the sheer size of this project I’ve wasted many hours building up the clay around the current armature only to discover that I have done it wrong. As I said in earlier posts, “this was a shot in the dark”. Well, my “shot” missed the target, so I’m reloading.

Pizza. Everything can be solved with pizza from which I derive my powers. Just kidding… about the powers. Pizza boxes, when unfolded, just happen to be roughly 38″ long from inner crease to crease. Why does that matter? Well, that’s how long this particular skull is. I plan on taking a couple weeks to build up some cardboard supplies (which should be easy with Litte Ceasar’s at the corner) from which to create a fuller armature to build on. I’ll just cut the shapes and slot the thing together to get a better sense of the whole before I add clay to it. In the mean time I have to tear down the current structure and re-mold the clay into usable pieces. Using my handy-dandy study lamp, I’ve found a way to soften the NSP to a workable temperature, so the process should go more quickly than it did two weeks ago.

This weekend is Mother’s Day, thus creating another delay in the process…

Grrr Arrrgh.

ADDENDUM – 5/29/10:

The Alien skull is canceled for now. After much deliberation I’ve opted for finishing up some smaller projects first before my wedding. After which I have to move to a new place and I don’t know if I’ll have much space for large projects or not. I really want to make one still, but it will have to wait.

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