A Sound Underground: What was this?

Jean was working in Queens today so I had the day to myself. I went uptown to this old subway stop to grab some pictures of the tunnel as references for a sketch I’m working on. I chose the stop on the 1 train because it still looks like the subway stops from the early 20th century. The train stop is really open and has an open bridge that crosses over the subway lines. The ceiling has telltale marks of having once had gas lamps instead of the electric bulbs now in place. While I was in there a couple trains came and went. There was a point when I was the only one on the platform and it got kind of quiet. I swear I could hear the city through the southern tunnel. From the northern end of the tunnel I heard what sounded like a mountain lion, which is impossible. I guess it could have been a rail worker yelling, but it sounded more like a roar. Who knows…

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  1. Jean says:

    This is going to sound so strange, but I swear I heard something similar on Sunday night. They’ve been doing construction at my stop, so when I got off the train that night, I thought it was just rowdy construction workers. Wonder what happened that got them all so excited that weekend? Maybe they all finally got pay raises from the stupid fare hike. *grumble*

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