The Unexpected Awesomeness

Last Project Saturday I made a fairy trapped in a jar. I made it to look a bit disturbing in so much as the fairy looked partially dessicated. I had gone with Jean to the park and collected a few leaves and things to put in the jar with the fairy like a child would do with a moth in a jar. I had left said jar on my table out of sight with the lid closed for over a week. Just now, I was clearing the table after having started on another jarred specimen when I saw the fairy trap. Holy, awesome, what the…?

I forgot to take into account the general nature of freshly picked things and, voila! Thanks to some disgusting, yet cool looking, mold the fairy skeleton is even more disturbing and it appears trapped in ghostly white webbing for eternity. Yummy.


That said, I think I’ll seal this one off so it can’t accidently be opened. I’m keeping it. Unless, someone wants to pay $500 for it, I’d consider that.

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