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Updating the Website

What The Old Website Looked Like

For nearly a decade I used the Grasping @ Creativity website as a blog for the most random ideas, rants, fabrications, and news reviews that I found interesting enough to write about.

In 2009 I had this grand idea that I was going to turn into a helpful site teaching people how to maintain creativity, but that was short lived. I was never truly interested in the topic. The content began to be a burden to maintain, and I eventually abandoned the topic and the blog for a couple years.

It is time for a change.

I’ve pulled all of the old content with no intention to repost any of it. Perhaps, I’ll pick out a few gems to make into an archive or ebook, but never as newly rehashed post content. For those of you who I interviewed for articles nearly a decade ago, just send me an email if you would like the post to go live again. I’ll be sure to do so and send you a new link for your convenience.

This week was the first hard push into remaking the site to be what I envision for the coming year. I’m going to be binding this site to the Grasping @ Creativity YouTube channel. I want to be able to create projects, art, and media experiments at will and this will be the account of those attempts.

I was always frustrated by the failures that I felt I couldn’t or shouldn’t share publicly, but that’s changing this year too. All projects I try, whether successes or failures, will get an entry. Some ongoing projects, like the re-creation of this site, will require regular updates until I feel they’re relatively complete. Not every attempt will be a success, but it will be good for me to show the process and progress of anything I try as I continue grasping at creativity.

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